The summary of my last 10 years

Hello, I am Jahur. I am a full-stack WordPress developer. I started learning PHP and WordPress back in 2012 when I completed my bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Later on, I completed my Master’s in Computer science engineering.
I landed my first job around 2013 at Bluwebz, and since then I completed many prestigious projects.

At Bluwebz I learned a lot about coding, design pattern, website architecture, debugging, client handling and a lot more. During this time I made my hands dirty by trying raw PHP code, js code, using js plugins, getting familiar with usual bugs and trying to solve them. Sometimes it took the whole night to find a simple bug, sometimes two days but it is worth it. This experience helps me a lot to be more productive in future projects.

A brief of my two important projects

One of the most prestigious projects I have worked on is developing a plugin for Ekshop.

Ekshop is an e-commerce platform that unifies all e-commerce entities in Bangladesh. Each entity can be a merchant on their website and showcase their products. As we know there are lots of CMS and frameworks. They should communicate with Ekshop to send product data.

My responsibility was to create a WordPress plugin that can communicate with ekShop and sync WooCommerce products. I was given API endpoints and the schema of their products. I mapped all types of WooCommerce products and wrote a script that can send all published products to ekShop. It generates a report on which products are imported successfully and which are not. If a product is updated, the status of the product will be changed so that it can be recognized.
The automatic sync is another feature of this plugin that runs every 48 hours using WPCron.

During the development of the plugin, I had to communicate with the Ekshop team every day to let them know the progress and sometimes with video conference I showed the UI/UX and how the plugin is working.

Another project I want to mention here is developing the website of AI Palette. I am considering this project as another prestigious one because of it’s brand value. Currently they are providing their services over 20 countries. They use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to help FMCG companies create consumer winning products by identifying food trends in real-time.

Core skills

My core expertise relies on WordPress theme and plugin development, and speed optimization, integration of RESTful APIs. I am an expert in responsive design, PHP, jQuery and CSS. I always try to find a solution and stick with the problem until it is resolved, no matter how complex it is. Caring about front-end design aesthetics is my passion. I know the basics of photoshop and am pretty sound on search engine optimization.

Communication skills

When I get an invitation for a job, I immediately reply back to the client. It does not matter whether I accept or decline it, I do care about a quick response.
I believe continuous and effective communication is the key to becoming successful in a project.

Beside of my regular work I contribute to some of the opensource projects. I have two plugins available in the WordPress directory.

I am inspired by some of the WordPress developers who are currently working on Toptal as a freelancer.

I am a husband, father and love to travel.

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